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Exclusive LEO ZERO mix for ace fashion brand Perks & Mini AKA PAM out now





The New Wave Funk


QUIET STORM in a quiff.




Jungle DRUMS







No reason for this - other than it's Wednesday and I'm feeling generous! A nice bit of chill-wave-meets-nu-boogie.... just me having some fun - or a completely calculated attempt to be fashionable - you decide. haha. x 
Enjoy! Leo

Leo Zero 'Down The Drain' by Leo Zero


Adele 'First Love' ( Leo Zero Rework)

such a great vocal.... I was thinking of this being spun at a house dance session like Groove Sanctuary in London.... sweaty basement action - LOVELY. Here's a nice big fat .wav file for you all. enjoy!

Adele 'First Love' ( Leo Zero Rework) by Leo Zero


I Know U Got Soul ( Leo Zero Rework )

*Hello Troops. It's time to fasten something to your MA1 style bomber jacket and make like it's 1987...As we bring the BUMP to a stone cold London warehouse party classic: Eric B & Rakim - 'I Know You Got Soul'

After a few alterations and snips at Leo Zero's music tailoring service - we end up with a bespoke 118bpm number perfect for those Berlin mornings when daylight is poking through your converted power station / toilet / knocking shop and the horse drugs have taken their toll!

Bobby Byrd's been outed for loads of glitch edits and some sleek synths stolen from 2020 vision's sample pack... And there's breakdowns a plenty with twiddly bits for doing the pointy finger dance too when you're feeling all wobbly on the dancefloor.

As usual there's no digital on this one - vinyl only baby! Enjoy! Leo x

PS - The debut Leo Zero Artist Album 'Acid Life' is out in a few weeks - watch this space. 

( * DJ Mike Allen reference )

I Know U Got Soul ( Leo Zero Rework ) by Leo Zero


Can you do that to a classic? you can when it's this damn good ! - Leo Zero's remix : incredible!  PETE TONG / RADIO 1

A lesson in reinvention. Could so easily have turned out to be a cheese fest but instead displays inventiveness, originality &  a twisted funk sensibility. Sublime. JONATHAN MOORE / LEFTSIDE WOBBLE

Nice beatz zero , get down and boogie kinda thang . will jam with this. JOHNNY ROCK

Absolute monster! x FRANK TOPE / WILD GEESE

"Sick! Smutty production values have given this classic a cheeky twist into an hypnotic thumper! Definitely dropping this, Great work!" PSYCHEMAGIK

Very nice Leo… taken to another place. It would be interesting to think what eric b and rakim would have sounded like if they had been from berlin ROSS ALLEN / ISLAND RECS

Gonna play it at Boy's Own on Sat - boss. TERRY FARLEY / BOYS OWN

Cool stuff and cool update! And yes, it works well on a Berlin morning! RUNE LINDBAEK

This a splendid little chugger! road-testing this one :) JIM STANTON / HORSE MEAT DISCO

Brilliant ... it's been a while since I've received something that I was really looking forward to playing the following weekend. Thanks for that! Nice work ... Q BURNS ABSTRACT MESSAGE

Gotta be honest. Was slightly worried when i saw content of this new mix. Glad to say i think you have really put a great slant on this, that works very well. ROB MELLO / CLASSIC

Thanks Leo, I like it! JERRY BOUTHIER / JBAG/ Kitsuné

Many thanks Leo... pleasure and a privilege. This will open this weeks show on Wonderful take... Grazie mille! DOM MOIR / REAL HOUSE RADIO

Leo Zero's Blakkat's hero!!!!!  Absolutely Love it! Will beat it death over the coming months at seedy, dirty Los Angeles Underground warehouse parties!  MARK BELL / BLAKKAT / SHABOOM

Loving this, great production as per usuals and will get played on Saturday night. Awesome stuff MIGHTY MOUSE

You always pick songs that shouldnt be fucked with and I immediately think I'm not gonna like this! Then I listen! Its good! RIOTOUS ROCKERS

Love it - sounds wicked even on laptop speakers! TIMO GARCIA




Marshall Jefferson 'Move Your Body' ( Terry Farley & Leo Zero Remix 2 )

Brand new official remix of the Marshall Jefferson classic Move Your Body by myself and Mr Terry Farley

Marshall Jefferson 'Move Your Body' ( Terry Farley & Leo Zero Remix 2 ) by Leo Zero


LEO ZERO EDITS 'Magnificent Dub'

LEO ZERO EDITS 'Magnificent Dub' by Leo Zero

This was an intensive slice and dice exercise on probably the best track from definitely the best band in the world : The Clash. This was arguably their most disco friendly outing 'The Maginificent Dance' famously spun by Mr Levan at the Garage - and starting with the more dubby rare Levan version i've homed in on looped half bar sections, skating along to create a new arrangement - added to the brew are bootleg recordings form the Clash's infamous live show at NYC's Bonds Ballroom, and even some baseline demos digitally siphoned from people practicing guitar along to The Clash on Youtube….. we are left with is an epic 'labour of love' that took days and days to complete.


Cheers!  Wicked re-work! - Derrick Carter

Great to have a proper dancfloor friendly fucked re-edit of this unbeatable classic. Laurent Garnier

thanks. great! JD Twitch - OPTIMO

sounds great. going to have lots of fun with it. - Tom Findlay Groove Armada

Brilliant. Can't wait to play it in Ibiza! - Rocky X-Press2

will play it at Vintage tonight - Terry Farley

love it. fantastic stuff - Timo Garcia

Awesome! - Justin Unabomber

Love it - Coyote

Love it ! Playing it all Weekend - Kelvin Andrews

Wow this sounds great! - Severino -Horse Meat disco

Thanks! Very tidy edit. - My Cousin Roy - Wurst 

I absolutely love this - outstanding! Mighty Mouse

tops!!!! love it - Justin Robertson

Oh my oh my, this is absolutely WICKED. Q Burns

Killer remix!!!  - Nathan Gregory Wilkins


Jungle Brothers - Brain / Incision ( LEO ZERO Re-Work)

This is an old cut up of Jungle Bros 'Brain' with all sorts of stuff spun underneath. Enjoy!

Jungle Brothers - Brain / Incision ( LEO ZERO Re-Work) by Leo Zero


New! Timo Garcia & Leo Zero

Been a bit quiet on here recently as my first art show opens in London tonight:
Come down if you are in town... "ON" ACID HOUSE ART + 21ST CENTURY PSYCHEDELIA a group show by LUKE INSECT, LEO ZERO, DAVE LITTLE. Idea Generation Gallery, 11 Chance St. London E2 7JB And here's a cheeky instrumental cover i did with Timo Garcia of the Cure's Close To Me classic. replayed with me on claps and some cut up porn for the deep breathing! it's free for you to download so grab it while it's hot!

  Timo Garcia & Leo Zero - Close To Me by Leo Zero



David E Sugar 'Fingers On The Buttons' ( Leo Zero Remix )

A brand new remix for Sunday Best of David E Sugar's 'Fingers On The Buttons' 
I pitched the vocal down on this one and kept thinking of the Bestival's Bollywood tent at peak time for the feel I wanted to create - lot's of space on the breakdowns and jarring wibbly wobbly rhythms to bend your head when you had too many 'refreshments' Enjoy!

David E Sugar 'Fingers On The Buttons' ( Leo Zero Remix ) by Leo Zero


Hercules & Love Affair Remix

Hercules and Love Affair have teamed up with Moshi Moshi for the new album, and here is the first single 'My House' All I got was an acapella of the original - so I've done my thing with it in a 90's stylee - with a big nod to UK top boys and personal house heroes Farley and Heller. This is coming out with another remix from Mr Derrick Carter v soon - Enjoy people.

Hercules & Love Affair - 'My House' ( Leo Zero Remix ) by Leo Zero




Love it! track is dope.Andy George Radio 1

Very cool, love the chunkiness and deffo one for us. The Cosmonauts, Ministry Of Sound

Nice bit of stripped down grooving.. we like ;) Timo Garcia - Yoshi Toshi it. Great vocal + dope track.Tristan Da Cunha - Back To Basics / 2020 Vision

This is great. Will definitely be playing this out. Damon Martin / Disco Bloodbath

Nice work, really like it Mighty Mouse

Working for me! Will be playing. Rob Mello - Crosstown Rebels

Love this. Will definitely get behind this. Ashley Beedle

Love this. Frank Tope Wilde Geese / Universal

This is QUALITY!! Good work Leo, will be hammering this. Chris Todd  - Crazy P / Hot Toddy

Crackin stuff. Riotous Rockers

Killed it! It's very good, i'll play and chart it. Mark Bell / Blakkat

WICKED in the set! Jim Stanton / Horse Meat Disco.

This is Great, wicked 90's vibes Bonar Bradbury PBR Streetgang

Liking this : D DJ Harri Sub Club Glasgow

I Love it. Kenny Hawkes

Some proper late 90's bump.. you nailed the vibe. Stuart Patterson

Proper bassline. Murray Richardson (baker street / rebel waltz)

My fave record out there at the mo. Terry Farley

My house is killer.Luke Solomon







Here's some Friday fun for your DJ wallets - Planet Rock with a little Boompty infusion... just in time for your Xmas and New Year sets.... let me know how it drops people! Enjoy! Leo

Afrika Bambata & The Soulsonic Force - Planet Rock ( Leo Zero Remix) by Leo Zero


Patrick Wolf Remix

Here's a mix for Patrick Wolf I just did For Dan Keeling of Bubble Club who's A+Ring Patrick over at Mercury/Universal.... The brief was to trip things out -I knew the mighty Still Going were on the job too, so I decided to go off-piste with a more 'headphone' rather than 'dancefloor' interpretation.... Enjoy!

Patrick Wolf 'Time Of My Life' ( Leo Zero Dub ) by Leo Zero


Chicken Lips Remix 

Here's a brand new remix for one of my all time fave bands Chicken Lips. I went quite mainstream with the synths in a big room Aeroplane stylee. I hope you like it.

Chicken Lips - 'She Fish' ( Leo Zero Remix ) by Leo Zero


Historics Remix

This is one of my favourite remixes from a few months back that has just got released. I roped in top psychedelic guitarsmith 'CROW' who played on the Mountain Of One track Ride... we had a ball with this one washing out the ending.... v cosmiche. Enjoy people! - and please purchase a copy if you can - it's being put out on a lovely vinyl pack from the excellent RVNG from New York City.
you'll find it on : Historics 'Infidelity Part 3' 12"

Historics 'Skin Orders' ( Leo Zero Remix) by Leo Zero



We used to spin this acapella over everything and anything in the 90's.... I was having a little deep and techy headphone programming session to get me warmed up after being away from the studio... and it seemed to fit what I'd done - Hope you like it people..... IT'S A BODY THING. IT'S A SOUL THING. ;-) ENJOY!

Eddie Amador - House Music ( Leo Zero Remix ) by Leo Zero



A new remix for Sony of the super talented Lissie- I don't know whether this will see the light of day unless I can get some good hype / feedback on it - If you dig it show some love and hopefully it will get a release. : - ) I threw everything I had at this one, and tried to keep the song intact. enjoy!

Lissie - When I'm Alone ( Leo Zero Remix ) by Leo Zero