For more info on this album:




Exclusive LEO ZERO mix for ace fashion brand Perks & Mini AKA PAM out now





Bryan Ferry remix

This is a specially commissioned remix from the forthcoming new Bryan Ferry solo LP on Virgin... I started again with the music on this one and Dave Noble (Mountain Of One) helped out with a fantastic guitar/bass session... This has been a fave with a lot of DJ's over the summer - so hopefully with a bit more support from you lot it will be surfacing on Virgin (there's a lovely balearic Time & Space Machine Interpretation that Mr Richard Norris has done also).... Ferry really delivers on this one in his trademark whispery nocturnal tones.... And I got to meet him at his studio was a treat never to forget.... Warhol's on the walls and a serious synth collection!

Bryan Ferry - 'Alphaville' (Leo Zero Remix) by Leo Zero


Living islands Remix

A new remix for hot new label Abracada... Based in Paris, founded by Manu Barron (behind the Social Club in Paris and manager of Brodinski and more) and Dirk De Ruyck (formerly of Eskimo Recordings and manager of Aeroplane and more) This is more of a straight up POP mix than my usual stuff - I love the original track and have stayed pretty true to it just adding some strings and new drums, plus builds/breakdowns... The original is a pretty perfect euro disco pop track with a great sleazy androgynous vocal.... I've hopefully just added a little disco glitter to the action and not harmed the original vibe - it was loads of fun to work on.... ENJOY! 

Living Islands 'Empires' ( Leo Zero Remix ) by Leo Zero



I've been having a ball with this one for the last 24 hours - I found an old bit of disco, chopped it up MPC style, then went hunting for an accapella to top it off... and as luck would have it, after a little detuning and ( a lot of shoe-horning) Miss Rhianna came up trumps! Some straight up party dancefloor action for you... E N J O Y ! 

Rhianna 'Rude Boy' ( Leo Zero Re-work) by Leo Zero


i'll house u ( RE-WORK)

A special new late night rub with this classic acapella. ENJOY!

The Jungle Brothers 'I'll House You' ( Leo Zero Re-Work) by Leo Zero


Massive Attack ( Re-Work )

This acapella turned up online a few weeks back and I was straight at it as soon as I had a spare minute! - I've been listening to a lot of old Playhouse stuff recently - what a tip top record label that is..... anyway it must have rubbed off - as this has gone all micro house... one for the late night sessions. E N J O Y !

Massive Attack - 'Teardrop' ( Leo Zero Re-Work ) by Leo Zero


Boston vs Gwen Guthrie

Sacrilegious to put these two together really, but hey - that's part of the fun! I basically had a w**k with the dub delays..... I could tweak all day and night with the APC40 and the ableton space echo setting - what a nerd!

Boston vs Gwen Guthrie 'A Feeling' A Leo Zero Re-edit by Leo Zero



A remix for hot new Geffen signing Everything Everything - This just got a play from Toddla T on Radio 1 which I'm well chuffed about - the whole remix project was a technical mindf**k though and i'm so glad I made it out the other side! ...I still can't decide whether you'd call this house or indie or whatever - but I suppose that's a very 2010 thing - and Everything Everything are very 2010 ! right down to the precision turn-ups on their pastel jeans. Bless 'em.

Everything Everything - 'Schoolin' ( Leo Zero Remix ) by Leo Zero

And this one didn't make the promo but it's my favourite and is a bit more dancefloor.... so here it is for you lot. hope you dig the dancehall drum action ....WINE-AN-GRINE!

Everything Everything - 'Schoolin' ( Leo Zero WIGWAM remix ) by Leo Zero


this saturday 'universe'

'Voices Inside My Head' Leo Zero Re-Work by Leo Zero

Here's a new edit I made for a special gig this Saturday in Soho - at an amazing open air venue details below.




FRIDAY 30th April
The new T BAR plays host to The Popular Peoples Front, featuring guest DJ's


This clandestine group has been responsible for a handful of expertly executed, under the counter 12" releases over the last few years. They are poised to release their debut compilation & mix CD featuring the best of their first ten limited edition releases and a load of exclusive new cuts. The project was started to focus on the less well known, but no less legendary tracks from Disco, Boogie, Balearia, Hip Hop and leftfield electronic jams to stripped back modern workouts, and re-translate them into speaker smashing sample collages for 21st century dancefloor debauchery.

They have established quite an army of followers, and contributors continue to be added to the mix, keeping the PPF message fresh and effective. Their 12's, all wrapped in bespoke sleeve artwork by Leo, sell out the minute they hit stores, and have achieved cult status in the record boxes of the worlds most discerning DJ's

A return then to creative sampling, to DJing without limits, to working a dancefloor with whatever comes to hand, all night long ! 

Their mission to provide the perfect weekend soundtrack starts here... 



Welcome to the Pleasuredome Remix

A new rub of the Frankie Goes To Hollywood classic just in time for Miami.... Ron Hardy famously opened with it - it's a fully paid up Balearic masterpiece - and a sacred cow of epic proportions - but I just had to have a go at it ! I've had the stems/ parts since last year but decided to bide my time and get Timo Garcia to do it with me for super tightness in the drum department..... this was a total labour of love - we hope you like it. PS Timo and I have an album on the way, under the Name 'Le Crunch' - watch this space.

cool mix well done - Will play in Miami DANNY RAMPLING

A lovely mix of an old boys fave! Very nice. ASHLEY BEEDLE

Awesome remix! A great record. DIESEL ( X-Press2 )

Loving It - Nice One! TOM FINDLAY ( Groove Armada )

yes... it's cool, high octane! ERIC DUNCAN ( Rub & Tug )

Welcome To The Pleasuredome ( Timo Garcia & Leo Zero Remix ) by Leo Zero



I'm in Los Angeles next week and doing a party for Stussy / Turntable Lab - if you are in town come and say hi. It's at 'Chop Suey' in Little Tokyo, downtown LA. Friday 19th March 



This one is for and their Trax Records remix project... I kept things pretty wigged-out and abstract - this is one of my all time fave tracks from easily my favourite band in the world - Fingers inc. 
When their Another Side album came out it changed my life totally - I wore the vinyl out and had to get another copy after about six months!

Robert Owens - 'Bring Down The Walls' ( Leo Zero Re-Edit ) by Leo Zero



I'm joining ace Super Furries illustrator Pete Fowler and Milky Disco compiler John Tye for a special night of Smooooth rock bombs tomorrow in London - if you are around please come an say hello.
Monsters At Work present-
"We blew the whole budget on Recording...."

Big Chill Bar, London - Wednesday 10th march 2001


We salute the 'Big West Coast 70's Studio Sound. 

"I've got this image of a pipe smoking guy in a cable knit sweater carefully adjusting a Fairchild compressor worth tens of thousands of dollars....or a shot from the back of a Steely Dan album where they've just recorded the 50th different guitar solo take for Peg and have finally struck gold."

 It's like sonic perfection was finally accomplished sometime in 1974 in a gargantuan studio in California called something like "Sea Haze" and ever since we've been marvelling at how and why nothing has ever sounded quite so syrupy-rich and gorgeous ever again....

 One part BBC stereophonic workshop, and one part George Lucas's Industrial Light and Magic, these places were the epicentre of all things Soft Rock, Yacht Rock, decadent and overblown.

The sonic elves & wizards who inhabited these realms where the cooler, hairier Californinan cousins of our open university type. With their original 'nerd chic' these 70's techies were like their chocolate corduroy clad European counterparts, but covered in a technicolour LA / Frisco glow. Just like that Fast Show guy, but with valve amps instead of test tubes.

These Studios offered up A decades worth of incredibly lush headphone treats before slowly going a bit pear-shaped by the mid eighties. Just like Dirk Diggler's painful Boogie Nights recording session. It was all over by 1985 - all the drums had nasty gated plate reverb and the haircuts we're more memorable than the music. But for a while these places, and 'The Dan', 'The Mac', 'The Doobie's, and all their contemporaries had hit musical perfection, with an audio mastering and vinyl production zenith at the time to match.

To anyone with a decent pair of ears, these slabs of vinyl history make todays mp3s sound like a serious step backward... So tonight we'll be focusing on big, daft, 70's rock records that hit you like being tango'ed with a thick creamy wodge of Rhodes Piano and vocal harmony - So tonight it's all about a "rich tapestry of sound / sonic landscapes / analogue warmth / dynamic range" - man.

Leo Zero, 2010.


Ce ce Penniston Italo-Funk Mix

This is a bit of a weird one - not your obvious choice of track or style of re-edit... but's that kinda why I like it. I was inspired by all the early 90's funk productions coming out of Italy on labels like PCN and Irma...( The backing track I built under the acapella is what turned into my track 'Get Nice' ) I went to Peter Pan in Rimini back in about 1990 and the 6am early morning afro funky set by the locals was what really got me.... for a quick dip into this sound check anything by the masters of the scene: Jestofunk.

Ce Ce Penniston - Finally Leo Zero '1990 Rimini Funk' Remix by Leo Zero



Here's a slice of late night deep house I wacked a Bloc Party acapella over - I just love the song, such amazing lyrics: All about life when you've been in love with a special someone for many years and it just gets better and better. The backing track was a return to working in Logic after having a few projects on the go in Ableton and I was craving a bit of prescision drum programming in a Mood 2 Swing stylee that only Logic can deliver - and a nice deep deep bassline..... this one's for the 'headphone housers' out there. hope you like it.

Bloc Party 'Ion Square' (Leo Zero Remix) by Leo Zero



This remix has really grown on me since I did it - Kenneth's parts were so beautifully recorded and there was a lot to play with, including some amazing Hi-life style guitar which reminded me of Herbie Hancock's v balearic Soundsystem album. Anyone who knows New Jersey House classic 'Let the rain Come Down' by Intense will know where I stole the idea for the rain sound fx! And I had lot's of fun programming the 707 drum parts on this which are a big nod to the master Mr Larry Heard. Enjoy!

Kenneth Bager - 'I Can't Wait' ( Leo Zero Remix ) by Leo Zero



Here's another Illustration for RED BULL MUSIC ACADEMY - check out their 'Daily Note' newspaper - it's given away at London tube stations during the academy - but you can also download it as a pdf from their site.




An early Chicago vibe on this recent remix for Tim Simenon's ace outfit Bomb The Bass - I've been a big fan since 'Beat Dis' & Megablast' in 87-88....also check 'Sandcastles' and 'Bug Powder Dust' for another pair of killers from Tim. THIS IS OUT NOW ON !K7

Bomb The Bass - Boy Girl (Leo Zero Dub) by Leo Zero



A remix for Paul Weller / Island records that was a real honour ( and a lot of fun) to do. I think of this sound as what was going on at Blackpool's Mecca Ballroom on the Northern Soul scene - slightly disco-fied.... but this track also reminds me of Neil Diamond and Glen Campbell - it's a truly great song, and I was literally jumping round the studio with excitement when I first heard it! It was one thing to land a Paul Weller mix after being a fan for so long, but then to find out it was for such a belter of a song was mindblowing.

Paul Weller - 'No Tears To Cry' ( Leo Zero Remix ) by Leo Zero



Here's the first of my Illustrations for 2 articles by top music writer Jon Savage which appear in Red Bull music Academy's DAILY NOTE Newspaper....You can download the pdf's of THE DAILY NOTE from