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Faith at Rouge & daft brand names.

Farley and I always loved Northern Soul imagery - so for this Faith flyer we went for that vibe... this was another awesome night, I did a set where Dave Barbarossa played live timbales & tom toms whilst I dj'ed - I gave him a selection of mid tempo tracks to practice to - loads of chugging stuff like Fluke's 'Thumper' - things with a lot of swing in them which sound great with Dave's tribal drums rattling on top. One thing we realized you have to do with timbales and percussion in a club -  is dampen the sound down. Dave uses 'Moon Gel 'for this... basically blobs of gum/gooey stuff you stick on the drum skin - he told me the stuff for stoppingdrum sticks slipping is called "Gorrilla Snot' - reminded me of 'Mr Zog's Sex Wax' that surfers use - I'm all for daft brand names!  It turns out Sex Wax is also used by drummers... spookey EH?.  Check the sex wax logo below- one of my all-time faves... a proper Californian hand drawn hippy vibe.

Severino ( Horse Meat Disco) totally nailed it in our room DJing afterwards with a super tight disco / boogie selection that he does so so well - as we all know mixing disco off vinyl sorts the men out from the boys, and Sevvy is amazingly slick at it... In the techy room Justin Robertson did a similar masterclass with banging acid and deep detroity gear - the place was 100% locked on for hours - amazing sweaty scenes, and one of the best Faiths ever. 

Fluke "Thumper"

Dave Barbarossa in his Bow Wow Wow Days... 






Notting Hill Carnival 2005

This was a party I put on with Geddes of Mulletover fame and Simon Baker(20/20vision) back in 2005 - It was the first time I met/booked Greg Wilson - I think I'd got wind of him from the Unabomber's and it was one of his first London gigs after starting up spinning again. I remember picking him and his Revox Reel 2 Reels up from East London and having a nightmare getting across town to carnival, but it was a great opportunity to hear all his 70's/80's DJ stories - Greg's up there up there with Norman Jay and Rampling et al as a DJ National treasure - check his excellent blog out

Other highlights of the night were Riton and Ben Rymer dropping ACDC's 'You Shook Me All Night Long" - it sounded amazing.

I got loads of great feedback for this flyer, which was actually a big A4 sticker that got stuck everywhere I could find...'guerrilla marketing' as some advertising account handler dickhead would call it... It was good fun mixing up naff 70's fonts with modern scrawly ones and bitmaped type... I need to do more of this sort of style... And play more ACDC Records when I'm DJing.

Jah Wobble at Cargo

It was a big honour to warm-up spinning for one of my heroes... and I got to design the poster too! A top night with ace female selector Tinku (Strut Records) spinning Pigbag to the delight of everyone there. Natacha Atlas made a special guest appearance on vocals and totally blew people away with her sirens wails - a very special evening. Wobble is a don, and his autobigraphy 'Memoirs Of A Geezer' is an essential read.

Check this out... brooding-arabian-balearo-brilliance : Jah Wobble's Invaders Of The Heart feat. Natacha Atlas



and here's PIGBAG for those of you still wet behind the ears... still freaks me out when I find myself DJing next to people born in 1994! - what a lot of great music to have to catch up on! but then that's all part of the fun init. 


Soulsonic Oct 1998



This was such a great party -

Stuart Patterson and I had been running the Shrink2fit nights for a while and we wanted to do something special for the best night of the year as far as clubs go : The Thursday before good Friday and Easter weekend.

Iceni was a four story Mayfair hangout more used to catering for minor celebs and the usual moneyed but totally clueless West End crowd... London has always had loads of these places, who cream it with launch parties etc. but where real clubbers never really go - so we thought it a good idea to take one over and actually put some decent DJs on for once! And seeing as most of our lot never even knew about the place, it was an exiting new spot for a one off, and back then there wasn't that much to choose form venue-wise.

Around this time Atlas records had opened and there was some great alternative stuff going on - Ross Allen was doing a label for Island with the ever brilliant Box Saga and loads of other amazing stuff. Rob da Bank was gaining momentum with his then still adolescent Sunday Best empire... and basically London was firing on a great mix of abstract music which mixed up bits of Drum & Bass, Detroit, Breakbeats, Balearic, Nu groove stylee NY Garage etc. - I remember lot's of killer 12's from this time: Patrick pulsinger's 'iO- claire' on Mo Wax was such an anthem at Shrink2fit, As was all the DJQ stuff... I had DJ Harvey in my room in the loft with me and Rob Da Bank and it was great from the start - a real treat of a night where you knew you could take a few risks musically 'cos everyone was so vibe'd up.... so out came my trusted copy of 'Hot Lovers' by George G - this is probably one of the wrongest Italo/Balearic chestnuts out there! ( with lyrics and vocal way cheesier than City Lights) and it sounded ace! Harvey came on as showed us all why he's so special...... right in the middle of a load of very deep disco he slams in Flat Beat by Mr Oizo - this had just come out and most people had swerved it 'cos of the Levi's advert it accompanied and it being 'mainsteam' and all that - Harvey was basically saying fuck that - bin your hipster snobbery and get with the FACT that this is just a fucking incredible bit of music.....that's the mark of a proper Balearic DJ - MAKE the crowd like something they didn't already, by putting it in the perfect context.